Hello Sailors...


Capt'n Ricko of the S/V Tiki Notion here...


I've been sailing the ocean blue since I was 10, starting with 8 foot Sabots in Newport Beach in the mid to late 60's, watching John Wayne coming up Newport Harbor on the Wild Goose... Those were the good 'ole days! 


For about five years, during 2011 to 2016 - in between projects during our boat's refit work - I sailed our 1984 Cal Mk II - formerly known as the S/V Second Wind - around the Channel Islands of Southern California... Catalina, Santa Barbara Island, and my favorite... Santa Cruz Island...  Now I plan to skipper the S/V Tiki Notion ~ with a brand new name ~ for a totally redesigned vessel ~ south to Mexico & beyond!  


Our future voyage will take us south from Southern California, beginning from San Diego, on October 3, 2016 - to Mexico & Central America, through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean, and then back through the canal, to our ultimate destination: the South Pacific! 


This site was created (along with our Facebook Blog - www.facebook.com/CaptainRickoAndTheSvTikiNotion ) for  family, friends, & followers - to keep up with us - as we travel the World!  ~ And, also for fellow cruisers - who may be interested in our projects & improvements we have done on the S/V Tiki Notion (formerly S/V Second Wind).


We also still have the old website of the S/V Second Wind (our boat's former name during our refit work) - and you sailors - be sure to check out our "Refit" page! www.svsecondwind.jimdo.com


So Fair Winds and Following Seas to you, Sailors, Arm-chair Sailors, & Landlubbers!)...

I hope to see you out on the ocean blue!


Capt'n Ricko




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